Danny Brough: It's been the best year of my career

Last Updated: 03/10/13 9:22am

Huddersfield's Danny Brough was delighted to beat the best players in Super League to the coveted Man of Steel title for 2013.

The goal-kicking stand-off, who will feature for Scotland in the forthcoming Rugby League World Cup, was influential in the Giants topping the regular-season table for the first time in 81 years. After he picked up the award in Manchester on Monday night, he spoke to Boots 'n' All reporter Angela Powers.

"It has probably been the best year of my career to date and I can't do any of that without a great team and great coaches at the club."

Danny Brough

"I was overjoyed when I got the award and to beat Jamie Peacock and Sean O'Loughlin - two of the best players in Super League - I was really proud," he told Boots 'n' All.

"It has probably been the best year of my career to date and I can't do any of that without a great team and great coaches at the club. That has really helped to get the rewards that I have got this season.

"We have a great department with the physio Dave O'Sullivan especially. They do a great job. But we didn't get into the final where we wanted to be."

Anderson given accolade

Brough's coach Paul Anderson was named '2013 Coach of the Year', but says the trophy isn't the one he really wanted after his team were unable to make it to the Super League Grand Final.

"Our aim was always to play this weekend (Grand Final). I know we've made some strides this year as a team. As the staff we'll accept this award and move on and start planning to hopefully be playing this time next year.

"It's not about any individuals, it's about the staff and the structure you can put around yourself and I've been really fortunate this year both football-wise and medically with strengthening and conditioning - the club have allowed us to build a real good foundation for our self which will help the club move forward."

Despite the season being over for the Giants, Anderson said he won't be relaxing any time soon: "We got beat on Thursday and I was back in the office on Friday morning with the wife tidying up.

"I've got a very singular mindset - I probably should of have had when I was playing to be fair, but I've got a real desire to do well and the sacrifices that you've got to make along the way - so be it.

"We're all very driven at the Giants to accomplish something. We talked about our story of 2013; what we do now is move forward with our story of 2014 - we've got a new volume to write and a whole new story of books we need to put together. Our story isn't finished until we've got a piece of silverware that's says Grand Final on it or a Challenge Cup."