Boots 'n' All: RFL's Director of Licencing and Standards Blake Solly discusses the new structure

Last Updated: 26/02/14 7:22pm

From 2015 there will be 12 teams competing in Super League and 12 teams in the Championship with them all being split into three groups of eight after the 23 regular rounds.

The top eight will then play off against each other to decide the Super League champions, while the other two groups will fight it out as to who is relegated and who is promoted between divisions.

"We are convinced this is going to work," said Blake Solly, the RFL's Director of Licencing and Standards, on Boots 'n' All.

"A lot of people seem to think that this has been an overnight idea but we have consulted for 18 months; we have researched what drives people to watch games on TV and what drives them to attend matches.

People want more matches that matter and this concept delivers it. They want sustainable promotion and relegation and the way we are distributing the TV money will insure that.

"They also want more matches of competitive equals, where they go to a match unsure of what the result will be. We think this concept delivers that in spades."

Click on the video above to hear Blake Solly explain more about the new structure, including what happens to the middle and bottom group.