Widnes consultant Brett Hodgson talks about the transition from player to coach

Last Updated: 07/05/14 3:34pm

Widnes coaching consultant Brett Hodgson talks about the transition from player to coach as he heads back to his former club Warrington.

Former Warrington star Brett Hodgson may have hung up his boots but he is still involved in the game and has taken on consulting role at Widnes - Warrington’s fiercest rivals.

It is never easy leaving the game, but coaching has been on Hodgsons's mind for some time and his in-depth knowledge on the current game has certainly helped open some doors for him.

“It is quite a transition," Hodgson told Boots ‘n’ All. "It is one of those things where there are not a lot of coaching jobs going around so for me getting a consulting role was important.

“Using the knowledge that I have and by working with guys like Andrew Johns, who helped out at Warrington and understands the back three, I was able to get my foot in the door.

"Coaching is something I have wanted to do for a long time."

Brett Hodgson

"Thankfully Denis [Betts] gave me an opportunity here at Widnes. I am really enjoying it at the moment.”

Hodgson has impressed Widnes and from next season he will become Betts' fulltime assistant coach and he has left no stone unturned as he seeks to become the best coach he can.

“Coaching is something I have wanted to do for a long time," he added.


"In the pre-seasons when I was still playing I went back to Australia and worked with guys like Brian Smith, Trent Robinson and Tim Sheens – I went to learn the coaching aspect of the game rather than just worrying about playing.

“I learnt a lot from them and hopefully I can continue to learn off Denis which I have done so far. He is a wonderful coach and the players respect him highly.”

Phil Clarke is impressed with Hodgson’s commitment to coaching and believes he will bring something extra to Widnes.

“He seemed to have a wealth of knowledge when he played,” said Clarke.

“When you watched him play he was one of those players who could shape and change the flow of a game by where he positioned himself and where he passed and kicked the ball.

"That is a rare skill – most players are workman, one or two are craftsman and he was certainly a craftsman.

“If he can influence the craftsman and playmakers in the Widnes side, then that would be a massive bonus.”