FL72 Preview Special: Be part of our studio audience for big kick-off

Join Simon Thomas, Peter Beagrie and guests at Sky Studios


Last Updated: 06/08/14 11:11am

Join us in the studio on Thursday evening

Calling all Football League fans!

On Thursday night here at Sky Sports we will be recording our FL72 Preview Special and YOU can be in the studio audience.

We’re looking for supporters who are fanatical about their team to join Simon Thomas, Peter Beagrie and a range of special guests for two hours of Football League chat.

We’ll hear from managers and players from across the divisions on the eve of the new season and try to work out who will be hitting the headlines and vying for promotion in the months ahead.

Fancy joining us? You and up to three guests can apply, simply by emailing FL72audience@bskyb.com stating who you support and how many tickets you want.

The tickets are free, but remember, you need to be able to make your own way to Sky Studios in West London on Thursday evening.

So email FL72audience@bskyb.com now and you could be part of the Sky Sports FL72 Season Preview.