FL72 Review: David Prutton analyses the first weekend of the new season

Every Monday, Sky Sports experts will review the weekend's Football League action on FL72 Review. Check out David Prutton's thoughts on the opening round of fixtures...

Last Updated: 16/02/15 9:58am

Mark Robins’ exit after Huddersfield’s opening day defeat

Striker Callum Wilson scored twice on his debut for Bournemouth against Huddersfield

DAVID SAYS: First and foremost it’s a shame because all of his hard work in pre-season preparations. He’s even alluded to it in the media that it went straight out of the window within about 20 seconds. It’s a tough one, there’s bound to be something else under that – not a catalogue of things going wrong but there’s mumblings of discontent among fans after surviving on the last day of last season. It’s one of the earliest ones and you hope that your team isn’t in that position. As much as football is a business and you want to be as high up the league as you can be, it’s a PR exercise as well. Hopefully it’s a decision made with some forethought and not just a knee-jerk reaction. It would be foolish if they didn’t have someone lined up. It’s a good job – a good fanbase, a good set-up – so it’s a big job for whoever comes in next and hopefully they stick by him.

Fulham’s revolution and big-money McCormack

Goals from Daryl Murphy and David McGoldrick earned Ipswich Town a 2-1 win over Fulham

DAVID SAYS: There’s going to be a lot of attention on Ross McCormack with that kind of price tag and all the glamour that comes with it, but he’s a human being like the rest of us and will take time to settle in. With the parachute payments, surely it unbalances your financial clout with other teams in the league? There is an element that they can pay wages that a Premier League player might be on but it’s no guarantee that they’re getting promoted. Felix Magath is a very decorated player and a manager – a bit of a firefighter in the Bundesliga – but has also managed Bayern Munich so he can obviously do it. As you can see in his interviews, he’s bullish enough to take the challenge on.

Derby & Forest’s promotion pushes

Stuart Pearce made a triumphant return to Nottingham Forest in his first match back at the City Ground as a manager

DAVID SAYS: The expectation has jumped up because of where Derby finished last season. Down the A52 Forest have been making all the right noises. They’re in transition but they’ll be hoping to get on with their work and sneak into the play-offs. Chris Burke has been a fantastically consistent Championship player for a fair few years now and perhaps Forest are going to give him the platform to get into the top six and push into the Premier League. Nottingham Forest as a club is an absolute institution and with Stuart Pearce being back there will be attention – that’s not to say it will go hand-in-hand but they will be able to harness the good feeling around the place and put a run together.

Norwich’s Martin Olsson pushing the referee

Highlights of the Championship clash between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Norwich City.

DAVID SAYS: The foul is quite obviously a yellow card, the winger is getting away from him and there’s a hint of frustration that he’s been out-paced. The big thing is looking at it from the respect point of view. It’s quite dismissive of the referee. It’s the outward image it projects to whoever is watching the game. It’s about teaching kids how to behave accordingly. I’m not being judgemental because I’ve been in that situation myself and not covered myself in glory but what they’ll be looking at is there’s no physical harm done to the referee, he looks like he can take care of himself but he is the figure of authority saying ‘get off the pitch’.

The pace is set in League One and Two

DAVID SAYS: Leyton Orient have a lot of expectation and money pumped in but Chesterfield went there and did very well to come away with three points. It’s a club that people seem to warm to and love watching and really root for. I think with a new owner and a fresh injection of cash they’ve got a really good chance. Fleetwood have brought in some good players like Jamie Proctor who was fantastic on his debut, it couldn’t have gone any better for him, setting one up and scoring one. What a way to endear yourself to fans that you desperately want to impress and get on your side. For Bradford it is down to resources and it’s the consistency element of it. Having seen Luton’s John Still’s interviews and the way he comes across it’s evident the enthusiasm is still there. A lot is made of age but with that age comes experience, it’s the fashion to have these handsome young managers or coaches but a good old fashioned football manager who’s been there, done it and seen it and has that experience is priceless.