FL72 Review: Andy Hinchcliffe analyses the midweek results and stories

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Last Updated: 22/08/14 3:28pm

Fulham's disappointing start

A solitary goal from Bakary Sako was enough for Wolves to claim their first away win of the campaign as they beat Fulham 1-0 at Craven Cottage.

ANDY SAYS: The body language of the Fulham players just looks wrong. I thought ‘right, you need to sort yourselves out and prepare to play in the Championship’. It seems Fulham haven’t really got to grips with it yet. They’re trying to play too much good football – they’re trying to out-football everyone and that’s not going to work in the Championship. The young players is a route that Felix Magath wants to take.  Some of these young players have been their best players like Patrick Roberts, and Cauley Woodrow has been good as well. If you’re going to be successful in the Championship you need a balance of experience and youth and they haven’t got that yet. Ross McCormack is a very good player, but I was astonished that Fulham spent £11m on him, I think he probably was as well. That’s an enormous amount of money for a club in the Football League to pay. He was signed to get them to the Premier League and he may well come on strong, but bringing in a player like that, and possibly his huge wages, can cause problems at a club and things don’t look right at Fulham.

Watford's Lloyd Dyer's angry gestures towards his manager after scoring

Watford taught Rotherham a harsh lesson about life in the Sky Bet Championship after they staged a late show to win 2-0.

ANDY SAYS: It’s way beyond the limit. You’ve made your point, you’re not happy with your manager so have a word with him in private or stick the ball in the back of net. He does that, he scores and then his reaction afterwards is not acceptable. He’s frustrated but he’s got to go back into that dressing room after the game and it’s a long old season. You don’t want to be feeling like that about your manager and behaving like that – it’s despicable. He done the right thing by coming onto the field and scoring – he’s made his point. He’s made his manager think about the next team selection but you run over the bench like that, your team-mates will think ‘what are you doing there’ and wondering about your mental state. So let’s hope it’s just a one-off from Lloyd Dyer.

Fleetwood's meteoric rise - how far can they go?

A look back at all the action from Tuesday's League 2 games.

ANDY SAYS: We shouldn’t be surprised. With Graham Alexander I saw Fleetwood play a number of times last season and their philosophy, considering they’ve gone up a division, hasn’t changed – they’re playing really silky, attacking football. Players like Jamie Proctor and Antoni Sarcevic and David Ball, they’ve got some quality players and the spirit and feeling around the club is incredible. All these promotions they’ve had – it’s no surprise, they’ve worked very hard to get where they are and deserve all the credit. You just wonder how far they can go, we were there in the play-offs when they got up to League One and you think ‘surely they can’t get to the Championship’ but the way that they’re going… it’s early days but they could be a Championship side, that would be phenomenal. 

Coventry finally going home to the Ricoh Arena

A look back at all the action from Tuesday's League 1 games.

ANDY SAYS: If you consider the 12 months that they’ve had – they’ve lost a couple of key strikers in Clark and Wilson – so it could have been problematic. It will have the biggest effect on the club – you couldn’t have signed a player to have that kind of effect. The lift that it will give the supporteers more importantly, going back to the Ricoh. It will be interesting to see what crowd they get for the first game back. I’m hoping the fans turn out in numbers and I’m sure they will – they’ve been desperate for this day. The fans want to be back home and that’s great news.

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