Addiction discussed on this week's The FF Show

Last Updated: 25/04/13 10:36am

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The Footballers' Football Show will deal with the issue of addiction on this week's show - and whether the game is doing enough to help players with problems.

Former Leeds and Liverpool defender Dominic Matteo - who blew £1m gambling - and ex Bristol City, Cardiff and Swindon forward Christian Roberts - whose alcohol addiction cost him his career - will join host David Jones in the studio to discuss their experiences.

They'll discuss how and why their problems began, what life was like coping with those issues at the same time as trying to perform to the best of their ability on the field, and what inspired them to turn their lives around.

The pair will also reflect on how they found the solution to their problems; while Matteo was able to quit his habit following the birth of his daughter, Roberts turned to the support of the Sporting Chance Clinic.

Set up by former Arsenal and England defender Tony Adams over a decade ago, the Sporting Chance Clinic was the first facility designed to help athletes cope with their off-field problems.

Current CEO Colin Bland will also be in the studio to explain what the clinic provides, the problems athletes come to them with, and suggest changes the FA can make to their current set-up to better-support players who find themselves in the same position as Matteo or Roberts.

The Footballers' Football Show: 11pm, Thurs, Sky Sports 1 HD