The Footballers' Football Show England Special

Last Updated: 27/02/14 4:25pm

England manager Roy Hodgson, along with Three Lions coach Gary Neville, former national team boss Glenn Hoddle and Club England Managing Director Adrian Bevington discussed the 2014 World Cup on a The Footballers' Football Show special on Monday.

The panel aired their views on a wide range of subjects from squad selection, England's Group D opponents and tactics for how the team will cope with the Brazilian climate and the prospect of dreaded penalties.

If you missed the show you, can sign in and watch it again via Sky Go above, download the podcast here or check out these highlights below.

Countdown to Brazil

Roy Hodgson discusses his recent trip to Manaus, where England play their World Cup opener, while Glenn Hoddle and Gary Neville reject the idea the squad will simply use the tournament as a 'stepping stone' to future success.

"I think it's very important when you got to a place with a team to have gone there before so I can try to prepare the players for what they're going to see and find there but also to check the facilities. We've heard so much about the temperatures and the conditions it was important to experience that myself. Of course it's hot - everywhere in Brazil is - but I'd been led to believe that because we were so close to the jungle, conditions were going to be extreme but I've got to say we didn't experience that on this occasion and the hotel and stadium were very good."

Hodgson taking his time

Roy Hodgson discusses his challenge of selecting his final squad of 23 players - and how a reduced number of Englishmen in the Premier League actually makes his task easier.

"We do nothing else really but to go through names of players. My whole life, also in tandem with Gary [Neville] and Ray [Lewington], every weekend we're discussing the players we've seen, we're discussing their form, we're discussing how that possibly might change our thinking. It's really just a continual process. There's going to come a time closer to the deadline day when you have to make a decision. But at the moment you don't make decisions like that because you don't know what the future is going to bring."

Rio's been a long time coming

Club England Managing Director Adrian Bevington explains the planning process involved in the lead up to the World Cup.

"I made my first visit out there two years ago. We've tried to put a plan together which will hopefully support Roy, Gary and the players. We've been out there about ten times. I visited six or seven cities, I must have been to every training ground that exists there. It's a real piece of leg work. You've then got to pair the training ground with a hotel. We've got people in Rio as we speak, going through the fine detail, making sure the hotel rooms are right, the playing surface at the training pitch is right... That's what we do."

England preparing for pens

Roy Hodgson says he is prepared to turn to a psychologist to ensure England avoid the heartbreak of another penalty shoot-out defeat at the World Cup.

"We are considering the possibility of inviting someone with us but I think it's very important they're someone who is part of the group. I'm not sure just suddenly shipping someone in to give the players a lecture would work. It's a matter of how we assure ourselves that when those players go up they are as well prepared as they can be. In the final analysis it will be their character, their confidence and their ability to block out tomorrow morning's headlines."