Steve Brown takes Game Changers into the fast-paced world of Wheelchair Rugby

Last Updated: 05/09/13 11:14am

Great Britain's Wheelchair Rugby captain Steve Brown was on Game Changers on Saturday morning.

In 2005 Steve suffered an injury that changed his life forever. Damage to his spinal cord meant he was never to walk again but after lifesaving operations and months in hospital Steve got involved in wheelchair rugby.

"It is a sport that anyone can enjoy but of course at the top level it is a sport for disabled athletes to take part in," explained Steve.

"But the core fundamentals of the sport are the same if you are playing football, rugby, wheelchair rugby - any team sport that involves a ball really.

"I like wheelchair rugby because it puts everything back on an even level. Do you have to be big and strong to play? No. It's a game where you need to be fast and agile over big and strong - you do have players in the team who may take more hits as it is their job to clear pathways so they may need to be a bit bigger and stronger than the other players.

"But the key skills are to pass and catch - if you have not got the ball then it does not matter how fast you are. So the important thing is looking after and protecting the ball - then after that it is working with your team to do the right things to win you the game."

The game is very physical but that did not stop Steve putting some youngster through their paces.

To see how the Game Changers crew got on click on the video above.