Game Changers: All things beach volleyball with Jake Sheaf and Chris Gregory

Last Updated: 18/10/13 12:12pm

Volleyball duo Jake Sheaf and Chris Gregory joined Darren and Di in the Game Changers Studio.

The dynamic duo have the sights firmly set on the Olympics in Rio 2012 and popped into the Game Changers studio to discuss how they met and answer questions from the studio audience.

One of the hottest tickets in town for the 2012 London Olympics was the Beach Volleyball competition, which took place at the historic Horse Guards Parade.

With terms as 'Dig', 'Set' and 'Spike' - see Jake's and Chris' Skills Sheet here - the game is fast paced and full of action and Chris reveals how the sport of beach volleyball actually chose him!

"When London won the bid for the Olympic Games Sir Steve Redgrave and UK Sport formed a talent ID programme called Sporting Giants," said Chris on game Changers.

"They were looking for tall athletes for rowing, handball and volleyball. I applied not really think I would get through but I was one of four that got through."

Chris and Jake have formed a good partnership in the short time they have been together: "We got together in early 2012 - I had just finished playing with my brother leading up to the Olympics," explains Jake.

"He joined the army and I was looking for a new partner. The big man Chris came along and we decided to team up to get to Rio."

Jake also reveals that beach volleyball runs in the family: "My Mum played for Great Britain back in the day. My older brother Luke and I used to travel around with her and watch her play, she inspired me to get into beach volleyball and that is where it came from really."

Play the video above to hear Jake and Chris answer questions from the audience and reveal the most unusual place they have played beach volleyball.