Number one squash player Nick Matthew talks to Game Changers

Last Updated: 07/01/14 1:48pm

Nick Matthew told Game Changers how proud he is to be the number one squash player in the world.

The Sheffield star - who has won the British Open and World Open three times each - has recently earned his spot back at the top of the world rankings.

But he told Di Dougherty that he must keep working hard to stay there, with players like fellow Englishmen James Willstrop, Peter Baker and Daryl Selby chasing him down.

"I'm 33 now so I am getting to the latter stages of my career and I don't know how long I am going to be able to hold it for," said Matthew, who recently played an event in Grand Central Station in New York.

"Squash is quick and dynamic so I now pick and choose my tournaments and try to peak for them rather than run around like a headless chicken, so it is a great feeling to be world number one.

"But there are younger guys coming for me so I have to to appreciate it every day."

Matthew, who replaced Egyptian Ramy Ashour at the top of the rankings, also explained why he never finds it dull when he is preparing for tournaments.

"Training doesn't get boring," he added.

"You have to have aerobic fitness, be fast, be flexible, and have racket skills, so there is lots of variation and you are never doing the same thing two days in a row."

To hear more from Nick, including why appearing at Grand Central Station was so exciting, play the video above.