Neil Danns tells Game Changers he had to build his own skateboard

Last Updated: 21/01/14 1:32pm

Neil Danns joined Di and Darren in the Game Changers studio to chat about his love of skateboarding and show off his skills.

The Sky Sports Living for Sport mentor is a former British and European champion but, getting started wasn't that easy because we had to make his own skateboard!

Neil said: "I was 15-years-old and at a bus station in Liverpool. I'd been with my school to the museum and there was some music on in the car park so I decided to go and check out what was going on and there was an American skateboard team there and I just thought 'whoa, this is for me.'

"I saw the guys doing 360's, high jumps and long jumps and I ran straight home and said: 'Mum can I have a skateboard?'

"She didn't know what a Skateboard was so I explained to her, but we didn't have a lot of money and she said wait until Christmas.

"I'd heard about how skateboarding was developing in America and that someone had put some roller-skates on a piece of wood. I went in to my sister's bedroom, took one of her roller skates, pulled them apart and nailed them on to a piece of backyard fence with a bit of sand paper and that was my first board!"

You can watch the full interview with Neil and hear him chat about his famous footballing son, by clicking on the video above.

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