Lewis Hamilton joins the Game Changers for a chat live from Melbourne ahead of the Australian Grand Prix

Last Updated: 21/03/14 4:25pm

Fresh from claiming poll position for the first Grand Prix of the season, Lewis told Game Changers how the weather conditions made the going difficult in Albert Park.

"It's been a difficult weekend; it went wrong because the weather came in and made it pretty difficult. I have not driven this car in the wet and it was really tough. You don't have a lot of grip and you have a lot more torque so there was a lot of wheel spins; you saw in one of my laps I had a huge over steer moment at one point - it was close!"

Not only did Lewis have to deal with the greasy conditions, but because part of the race track is used as a public road, he had to get used to all the lines on the road which turned the track into a skid rink.

"It's horrible, the issue is not at 200 miles an hour the issue is at the early stages of the corner. There are these black lines that are like rubber. When you are going through the corners and you hit one of them; all of a sudden the car breaks away - it's difficult to explain it but it's really good fun but difficult to keep it right on the edge."

Check out the video above to see Lewis Hamilton answer some questions including how he deals with nervousness