Craig Heap: You feel like Superman on the high bar

Last Updated: 24/03/14 3:16pm

Craig Heap is an Olympian, a Commonwealth gold medallist and a Sky Sports Living for Sport mentor. He's also an artistic gymnast - but what does that mean?

Craig, a multiple World and European champion, popped into the Game Changers studio to explain what his sport is all about and talk about what it was like to compete at the Olympic Games in Sydney.

"An artistic gymnast uses all of the different pieces of apparatus - the guys do the floor, the pommels, the rings, the vault, the parallel bars and the high bar; the girls do the floor, the vault, the uneven bars and the beam," he explained.

"My favourite is probably the high bar because it's quite scary. I didn't used to like training too much but in competition the adrenalin is flowing and you feel like Superman flying through the air, so I quite liked that!

"Sydney was the highlight of my career without doubt. I was a reserve for the 1996 Games in Atlanta so I had to go away and work even harder. I came 32nd with my personal best in Sydney.

"That's what sport and life is all about - really pushing yourself to be your best."

Check out the video above to see Craig answer some questions including how many black-flips he can do!

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