Nicola Minichiello tells Game Changers that bobsleigh is like being on a rollercoaster

Last Updated: 09/04/14 2:20pm

Nicola Minichiello was queen of the ice in 2009 when she became world champion in the two-woman bobsleigh.

And the driver dropped into the Game Changers studio on Saturday to tell us all about it - and how she first got into the winter sport in the first place.

"I was an athlete for nearly 10 years and was recruited onto the team for my speed, power and strength," said Minichiello.

"The bobsleigh weighs nearly 200kilograms so you need a lot of power, and then I have to drive it down as efficiently as possible.

"I was so proud to become the first British female bobsleigh driver to become world champion.

"It changed history and if I can do it, it means anybody can do it.

"Bobsleighing is amazing and something everyone should do once in their life as it's like being on a rollercoaster!"

To hear more from Nicola, including how she trains when not on the ice, how competitive she is - and why she thinks a good breakfast is so important, play the video at the top of the screen.