Get Involved in Bowls

Find out how you can take up bowls...

Last Updated: 04/07/12 2:36pm

You may have certain preconceptions about the sport of bowls.

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This Commonwealth Games favourite has often been pigeonholed as a pastime for elder statesmen, but Sky Sports News' Get Involved series discovered that the sport is increasingly trying to attract younger players.

We visited Blackhall Bowling Club in Edinburgh and Derbyshire Crown Green in Glossop and found teenagers playing alongside their grandparents - something you would not see in many other sports!

The Bowls Development Alliance is also trying to attract players, primarily in their thirties and forties, by taking a mat into city centres so people can try it out. It will visit Leicester, Plymouth, Exeter, Taunton and St Helens in the next month.

According to recent figures released by Bowls England, there are more than 126,000 players, or affiliated members, in the country.

They are attracted by a mixture of competition and companionship and relatively low costs for subscription and equipment compared to a sport like golf.

The sports has a number of variants - flat green, crown green, short mat and indoor - which provide a variety of different challenges. Hit the video at the top of the page to find out more.

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