Get Involved in BMX

Join us as we take a closer look at the thrills and spills of BMX

Last Updated: 04/07/12 2:34pm

Could you be the next Shanaze Reade? Do you know an Abubaca from a Fufano?

Get Involved hit the track and the freestyle park to find all about the thrills and spills of BMX.

You may have thought that BMX was just for kids but it is now an Olympic sport and there are racing categories that range from six to 45 and over!

"BMX has become more of a family sport," said Darren Fells of Gosport BMX club.

"They can turn up for the day - and once they have bought their kit then entry level BMX racing will cost them approx. £10 to enter and that is for a full days entertainment.

"The youngsters obviously go that little bit slower - although they can be faster than their moms and dads! It's that family feel that makes them come to the sport.

"I believe in children doing comp sport, there are going to be winners and losers. But the eight riders lined up on the gate, that feeling of riding around the track and coming first really appeals."

There are around 50 tracks around the country like Gosport, but BMX does not have to be about racing. It can also be about freestyle where the riders hit skate parks where it is all about tricks and not track.

"Every move and trick is a mini challenge and teaches you how to move towards min goals if you like," explained former bmx half pipe world champion Mike Mullen.

"That builds confidence and self-esteem.

"You can get a good entry level bike for £200-£300, once you have that then you need a helmet and pads so you may spend another £50.

"It is a great thing to do for teenagers who are not really keen on structured sports, they can do their own thing, burn off energy and do something positive at the same time."

Visit the British Cycling website for more information or find out more about the BMX World Championships by clicking here.