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It's time to get on your bike...

Last Updated: 26/07/12 4:27pm

The nation has been gripped by Bradley Wiggins' heroics in the Tour de France and, coupled with Team GB's recent Olympic success on the track, cycling has never been so popular.

British Cycling now has more than 50,000 members compared to just 21,000 five years ago and 2011 saw a surge in the number of people pedalling on the UK's National Cycle Network, with 40million extra journeys made than in 2010.

But, unlike Wiggins, you don't have to be aspiring to Tour glory or Olympic gold to get on your bike.

"There's been a boom in cycling across all levels," Brian Johnston from British Cycling told Sky Sports News.

"We've seen unprecedented growth in the last few years in all forms of cycling, from competitive down to recreational. There's a lot more people cycling to work and a lot more people cycling just for fun."

If you want to get competitive there are closed circuit tracks across the country where kids and adults can develop their skills away from the busy roads. Peter Root from British Cycling says they are a great place to start: "It's exciting and, on closed circuits, it's safe," he said.

"Kids get fit doing it, they learn the skills of competition and they learn the social skills of working together and we have a peer group at these tracks of youngsters who love riding their bikes and love the competition."

Four time Olympic gold medal winner Chris Hoy is an advocate: "We've got tracks all around the country now. Get in touch with British Cycling, find your local club and enjoy it and take it from there."

If you just want to get on your bike and see where it takes you Sky Rides are a great way to get involved too. The Sky Ride initiative has also richly benefited young cyclists: as of June 2012 there are 276 clubs up and down the country working with children under the age of 16 and getting them out on their bikes.

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