Get Involved meets student and golfing local hero Charlotte Stanton

Last Updated: 25/04/13 2:06pm

Young golfer Charlotte Stanton has plenty of drive, as Sky Sports News recently found out.

The Birmingham University student has been named Golf England's Young Volunteer of the Year for her efforts teaching golf to schoolchildren in the Midlands area, and she was the Local Hero featured on the latest episode of Get Involved.

Charlotte, who is in her third year studying applied golf management, helps bring the game to youngsters in urban regions and told our reporter Jamie Weir that she finds her work incredibly enriching.

"You feel great when you come out of a session because you have made 30 kids happy."

Charlotte Stanton

"I love it," said Stanton. "It's so rewarding when you see on children's faces that they have got golf and when you come out of a session you feel great because you have made 30 kids happy.


"I want to give something back and give them a female role model to look up to. My mum and dad take the mickey and say I could have got a real job in the time I've spent doing this but it has been a good experience.

"I've also organised for some of the first year students to go into the local area and teach golf to children who wouldn't usually get the opportunity due to the fact that they are in inner-city schools, and if the children like it we direct them towards a golf club."

However, Charlotte, who represents her university in golf competitions and has a handicap of five, says anyone can enjoy the sport as it not only gets you outside, but also forces you to think.

"It's four hours out in the fresh air and good exercise and I really like the challenge of it," she added. "Every game is different and you never hit the same shot twice. It takes a lot of work and, like with my studies, I think I have to give 100 per cent."


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