Find out how to Get Involved in aerial fitness

Last Updated: 22/05/13 2:49pm

Throughout May, Sky Sports News HD is showing you a variety of ways in which you can get fit.

We're moving away from our focus on one sport and instead showing you lots of exciting ways to motivate yourself to get in shape.

We kicked things off last week with a training session with former European bantamweight champion Spencer Oliver - and this week we're showing you something completely different.

This week we're showing you the thrills of aerial fitness, which aims to both build strength and increase flexibility.

Aspects include trapeze (not just a circus trick... swinging on a bar is a great way to get in shape); the aerial hoop (climbing and holding your body in a circular metal hoop); and silks (climbing, wrapping and hanging from fabric suspended from the ceiling).

Other aspects include ropes, cacoons, nets and straps. People of all ages and both sexes can take part in these high-flying activities, so watch the video and learn more about this exciting way to get fit.