Get Involved profiles LTA initiatives Mini Tennis and Cardio Tennis

Last Updated: 05/06/13 6:03pm

Get Involved took a close look at LTA initiatives Mini Tennis and Cardio Tennis on Saturday morning.

Tennis' big names are battling it out at the French Open, while they will soon head to SW19 for this year's All-England Championships at Wimbledon - but there are plenty of opportunities for YOU and your kids to get out on the court, too.

Mini Tennis, which has been in existence for 10 years, is a scheme designed for children between 3-10 that uses smaller nets, courts and rackets, as well as lower-bouncing balls.

"Mini Tennis is the entry point so the wider the pool of players, the more success we'll have at the top end."

Sam Richardson

There are 1,500 registered venues for Mini Tennis, catering for approximately 110,000 children, and LTA coach Sam Richardson explained that the scheme is vital for the future of the British game.

"Mini Tennis is the entry point and the first rung on a tennis player's journey, so the wider that pool is and the more kids that stay and compete, the more success we'll have at the top end," he said.

"And success at the top end will, in turn, inspire people at the bottom end - and we hope to see more players breaking into professional tennis that came through Mini Tennis."



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For further information on how your children can try Mini Tennis, visit the LTA website ( - but if you want to pick up a racket for yourself, then why not try Cardio Tennis?

The sport combines learning tennis skills and keeping fit with each £6 class burning around 600 calories, and Wandsworth Tennis Centre head coach Rob Baran says Cardio Tennis, which is played by more than 12,000 people each week, is ripe for anyone to try.

"You don't have to be a player, anyone of any age can come," said Baran, who works at one of the 700 Cardio Tennis venues. "A lot of girls play but in our evening sessions a lot of guys come as well."

If you want to give Cardio Tennis a go, then head to for more details.

Make sure you stick with Get Involved throughout June, too, as we profile a local tennis hero, show you some top technical tips that will help you improve your play and tell you how to stay involved in the sport.