Goals on Sunday: Ian Holloway talks about why he left Crystal Palace

Last Updated: 14/11/13 3:08pm

Former Crystal Palace boss Ian Holloway says he left the club because he was physically drained and his style wasn't working anymore.

Holloway quit as Eagles gaffer last month after a disappointing run of results left them in the relegation zone, but he defends the decision to walk away stating the club needed a 'clean slate' and wishes them luck in the future.

Here's what Holloway told Ben and Kammy on this week's Goals on Sunday:

"I was tired. I was physically drained," said Holloway.

"The gap from where Palace were four years ago to where they are now is fantastic progress - but maybe it's not going to progress quickly enough."

Ian Holloway

"We had no idea what we were doing in the Summer, Steve Parish made the signing of Iain Moody as Sporting Director recently and I wish I'd had that a couple of months ago because we'd of have a way of doing things and a structure.

"The gap from where Palace were four years ago to where they are now is fantastic progress. Maybe it's not going to progress quickly enough.

"I believe in the way I want to try and play and the way I work things, but it will take me a bit longer, I might lose some games but I don't think Palace can afford to do that.

"I'm in the comfortable position where I'm never a quitter, I want what's right for whoever I'm working with and agree with Steve that they need to try and get someone that can say 'we can beat Arsenal today', not someone more concerned with things like 'are my back four right today' because I believe you have to have a structure and a way of playing with possession.

"I hope I've left a mark on Palace, because it's left a mark on me.

"I haven't quit, I'll never quit, I love football.

"Hopefully I'll get another job somewhere and have another go and I'll be full of vigour like I was when I joined Palace a year ago. But an awful lot happened in that year and there was an awful lot of draining on my energy.

"I don't feel drained now but when you do lose on the odd things it gets to you. I feel I made I made some mistakes along with Steve as well and the reports that we didn't work closely together are complete rubbish. We almost worked too closely because I made some mistakes and I don't want to face up to them and it would be easier for someone to come in with a clean slate."


Holloway also weighed into the debate over diving following the controversial injury-time penalty awarded to Chelsea in their 2-2 home draw against West Brom on Saturday.

"I'm sorry I feel passionate about it," Holloway told Goals on Sunday. "These drive me crazy. I swear to you that wouldn't have happened the other way round. That would not be given at the other end. It wouldn't.

"That's Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. How big are Chelsea? How big are the crowd? It wouldn't happen the other way around - the pressure is not the same. The pressure is not there on that referee."

Holloway was fined £18,000 by the FA after criticising Mark Clattenburg's decision to award a penalty against his former side Crystal Palace earlier this season.

Four weeks after that incident, Holloway saw midfielder Kagisho Dikgacoi sent off after tangling with Ashley Young who was condemned after winning a penalty for Manchester United against Real Sociedad in midweek.

Holloway believes football authorities must get tougher on diving and insisted that players from bigger teams should not have to resort to such measures to win matches.

"It is cheating you are trying to gain an unfair advantage from something. You are trying to cheat the referee that's what you are doing," Holloway said.

"You can't do that, you shouldn't do that, it's not right, we are not allowing that in our game and if someone keeps doing it and doing it and doing it - have a look at his record and then ban him.

"If you dive now and someone gets sent off and you get a penalty as well you've actually cheated your other fellow professional. That can't be what it's about can it?

"What respect have you got for any other players? It's not just your team getting something but surely if your team's good enough you should get something anyway."