GOS: Steve Sidwell on Fulham and Dimitar Berbatov

Last Updated: 10/01/14 5:49pm

Steve Sidwell is a key player in Fulham's fight to stay in the Premier League and their New Year's Day win over fellow London strugglers West Ham has certainly boosted their chances.

And while Saturday's FA Cup 1-1 draw with Norwich was not the result they were looking for, Sidwell says the spirit at Craven Cottage is high.

"We are really positive at the moment, performance wise we have really picked up and we just need to keep the momentum going now," said Sidwell on Goals on Sunday.

"Hopefully we can start picking up some points and get up the league table - that is where we want to be."

Sidwell, who has also played for the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Reading and Aston Villa, signed for Fulham from the latter in 2011 and says it was the best move for him.

"I loved my time at Villa, it was brilliant but there were a few personal issues that I had off the field with my wife and having our child and him getting sick. He was in London in hospital for a lot of the time and it was a tough time for me personally.

"To try and get back to London was quite important and when the chance came to go to Fulham I took it with both hands.

"It's a brilliant club. When I was playing there as the away team you go there and the changing rooms are tiny and it's a real old-fashioned stadium - you are sort of beat before you get on the pitch for the away team. But playing for Fulham now, I have taken to it like a duck to water. It's a family orientated club with some great people."

Sidwell also said that he has heard nothing in the changing room about Dimitar Berbatov moving to Arsenal and revealed what it was like to play with him.

"Obviously you know what you are going to get," added Sidwell.

"He is player who wants the ball at his feet. He can manipulate the ball and can win matches by himself. The things he has done for us has been mind-blowing. The fans love paying to watch him because what he can do with the ball is just fantastic.

"Sometimes it can get frustrating as a fellow team mate - when things are not going right and you want him to work around and do certain things, well he doesn't. But on the whole, he is very passionate about the game - he cares a lot and wants to play every game. That has started to show in his performances."