Ally McCoist talks Rangers' administration and pranks with Gazza on Goals on Sunday

Last Updated: 04/04/14 7:11pm

Rangers manager Ally McCoist joined Kammy and Ben to discuss the club's financial issues, their future plans and pranks with Gazza on Goals on Sunday.

Fishy business

Ally partnered the mercurial Paul Gascoigne for three years at Rangers and shared a famous celebration kiss in the 1996 Scottish Cup semi-final against Inverness Caledonian Thistle. The spontaneous snog came after pair accidentally clashed heads and Gazza offered to kiss McCoist's split lip better.

But, as Ally told Ben and Kammy, Gazza was often up to fishier things than that... (Watch the video above to hear his story)

Financial headaches

McCoist also divulged in to the serious issues Rangers are facing off the pitch. The club entered administration in 2012 and the subsequent liquidation meant they were forced to reenter the Scottish Football League on the Third Division. Since then McCoist has guided the Glasgow-based team to two promotions including this year's title.

But, financial implications still haunt the club and both McCoist and the playing staff have come under scrutiny for high wage bills. The club's all-time leading goal scorer was quick to reassure fans that the right changes are being made.

"The perfect scenario would be where we can bring players in and hopefully get through the league next year and stay with us and challenge in the top flight the year after"

Ally McCoist

McCoist said: "There's been a lot of criticism and it's justified, I can understand it.

"Our wages, for where we are at the moment, are too high but at the same time our wages have come down in the region of 70 per cent in the last two years. Also, our player wages to turnover of the club I think is roughly about 30 per cent which would probably be the envy of any club in Europe of the World - so there's other ways you can look at it.

"There has been a definite acceptance by the playing and coaching staff that something had to be done about the wages and we've addressed it the best we can.

"With the greatest respect to the players and staff, that's not their bag or gig, they have to be told and educated in that respect that these cuts have to be made and until they are told you have to attempt to do what's best for the club and that's to put the best team on the park.

"We have a couple of plans because we don't know if we've got any money to spend. In an ideal world we'd like to plan not just short term, but for long term.

"The perfect scenario would be where we can bring players in and hopefully get through the league next year and stay with us and challenge in the top flight the year after or perhaps the year after that - that's the ideal scenario and we'd love an opportunity to do that.

"But, as of yet, we don't know what the budgets are and when we get told we've got x amount of money for next season we need to adapt to it but it's difficult.

"The problem we've got at the moment is that we don't know if we can shop or where we can shop."


McCoist has been through everything with the club he loves but despite the hard times, the former Scottish international insists he is still in his 'dream job'.

"I think probably the best way to describe it is as the dream job, without doubt but perhaps not at the right time," said McCoist.

"But that said, you can't pick and choose and I'm the luckiest man alive to get to play for the club I supported, be an assistant to Walter Smith and then get the job, so in that respect I still believe I'm the luckiest man alive.

"It's been, at best, a turbulent two and a half years since the club went in to administration - even prior to it. Make no mistake about it."