No gols barred

The panel take questions on Saturday's crucial Clasico

Last Updated: 19/04/12 10:56am

It's the showdown the La Liga campaign has been waiting for as Barcelona and Real Madrid go head to head at the Nou Camp on Saturday - and the questions have been flooding in to Revista.

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Jose Mourinho's visitors will kick off four points ahead of their hosts, who are expected to begin attackingly in search of an early goal.

It has all the makings of a thrilling evening of football, and with the sub-plot of Lionel Messi's goal duel with Cristiano Ronaldo the stand-out issue amid a host of others, there's much to discuss ahead of the game.

The tweets and e-mails have not stopped, and here are a few that made Tuesday's show.

Do you think Barca might go with their fancy 3-3-4 formation against Real Madrid? They've got to win the game after all.
Stumpy Pepe

TERRY: The three becomes a one and the two outside defenders both push on as they do when they are playing as full-backs, but they can't do that when they're playing against Real Madrid. It has to be an orthodox back four with the two full-backs pushing on - then you're left with two defenders back there.

GERRY: When they played Puyol, Pique and Mascherano it didn't work because Mallorca had chances and just didn't take them. I don't like them playing three at the back.

GUILLEM: You defend more with two defenders because with three sometimes two of them go wide so you're left with one in the middle. I remember talking to Mascherano ahead of a Clasico and I asked him: 'Are you going to have only two against Cristiano [Ronaldo] and [Karim] Benzema' and he said 'yes'! Unbelievable!

Will Callejon start? It seems ideal for the counter-attacking tactics and to give Angel di Maria a rest if he needs one.

GRAHAM: It's one of the options if Di Maria isn't fit or if he wants to save him for the return leg with Bayern Munich. What Mourinho is best at is doing the simple things and selecting the right players. Callejon is able to start but one of the things that he is able to do is to come, be fresh, be quick, follow orders and score. What better ace in the hole do you want than that?

GERRY: Callejon got the winner against Mallorca. Real were struggling and put four or five strikers on for the last 20 minutes and it was him who got the winner.

Why is it that Cristiano Ronaldo never does anything against Barca whereas Lionel Messi frequently does against Madrid?
Stevie Cruyff

GUILLEM: Good question, but an old question because he's scored in three out of the last four games against Barcelona. The importance of Ronaldo has changed from last season to this season - partly because his attitude has changed and he's more of a team player. I think it's also because he's become a striker. He's closer to goal and he's happy to not start from wide positions the whole time and actually be the one on the end of crosses.

GERRY: You look at Messi and Ronaldo and you ask - who's the better in the air? Who's the most two-footed out of the two of them? Ronaldo. I'm going with the theory that Messi's playing with better players. I've seen big improvements in Real Madrid and in Ronaldo in the last 12 months.

What about the last El Clasico? Real Madrid dominated using their usual formation and played their own style. Isn't there pressure from the Bernabeu faithful for them to go out and attack?
Asif Pandor

TERRY: I'd love to see it and I'd love to see all the best players but I just don't think it's going to happen and I can understand that. People talk about Jose not being brave enough but he doesn't have to be brave at this stage. If he comes away with his four-point lead in tact, it'll be absolutely perfect for him.

GERRY: I think the line-up against Bayern Munich is perfect away from home. Fabio Coentrao is their best defensive left-back and Di Maria is the perfect counter-attacking footballer. Then you can bring on Kaka for Mesut Ozil later on if it doesn't work out. I think it's the perfect set-up.