Revista: Barcelona's transfer ban will have big impact, say panel

Last Updated: 15/04/14 11:05am

Fifa have imposed a transfer a ban to Barcelona FC and Guillem Balagué elaborates on the situation on this weeks Revista de la Liga show.

Barcelona's transfer ban could be "catastrophic" for the club, according to Terry Gibson.

FIFA have barred Barca from buying and selling players in the next two transfer windows after they were deemed to have breached rules relating to the international transfers of non-Spanish minors.

Check out the video above to see Guillem Balague expain the situation - and why Barcelona are unhappy.

With Barcelona desperate to sign a new goalkeeper and central defender this summer, Gibson says a transfer embargo could have huge ramifications for the Catalan club in the coming seasons.

"And I suspect that whatever happens, including an appeal that this summer they will eventually be able to sign."

Graham Hunter

"It is common knowledge that this was going to be a big transfer window this summer," he told Revista. "They need a goalkeeper, a central defender and maybe more than one central defender.

"There are a number of big clubs across Europe that, because their planning and preparation has been so good and their squads are assembled, it would not have too much impact on.

"But Barcelona, at this particular time, are desperately searching for a centre back and a goalkeeper. So it is going to be catastrophic I think for Barcelona."

Window open

However fellow Revista guest Graham Hunter believes Barca will ultimately be able to enter the transfer market this summer.

He pointed to FIFA's failure to inform Barca until this month of a decision that was taken in November, which meant the Spanish club made ill-informed calls over future buying and selling.

Hunter suggested that a Barcelona appeal could delay the implementation of the ban until after the upcoming transfer window.

"The fact that FIFA have made evidence to Barcelona that they made this decision in November and waited four crucial months, when not just buying or youth development but selling and multi-million pound decisions were being taken... Barcelona will use that to their advantage," he said.

"And I suspect that whatever happens, including an appeal, that this summer they will eventually be able to sign."

No Messi

The panel agreed, though, that there was a far wider debate to be had in the future over the rules regulating the recruitment of youngsters from foreign countries.

And Hunter noted that under the current rules Lionel Messi would not have been able to move from Argentina to Barcelona as a youngster and the world would have been denied one of football's greatest talents.

"Under the current FIFA rules, which are entitled protection of minors, they could not have gone and taken Leo Messi over to Barcelona and paid for the hormone treatment - and we know that at that stage no one was paying it in Argentina," he explained.

"He is unique in terms of his talent but not unique in terms of his aspirations or his determination. We would not have had him as a professional footballer, more than likely.

"I think that the intelligence of the legislation has been poorly calibrated."