Manchester City players confident of bid for Cristiano Ronaldo, according to Graham Hunter

Last Updated: 23/03/15 10:00pm

Graham Hunter says that Manchester City's players feel that the club may make a move for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Manchester City players firmly believe the club will make an offer for Cristiano Ronaldo, according to Graham Hunter.

The Real Madrid star's future has been ferociously debated over recent months, coinciding with his drop in performances for Carlo Ancelotti's side.

And speaking on Revista de La Liga, Hunter says his future is still not certain, but admits the decision will always lie with the player rather than the selling club.

Manuel Pellegrini's City were knocked out of the Champions League by Real's rivals Barcelona last week

"I know that the players at Manchester City were talking very, very firmly that they believed there was a successful move coming from that club over the last couple of weeks," said Hunter.

"Whether that makes it true or not, I wouldn't like to say.

"What we know is the mega clubs, with petrodollars, there's never been a better time to say: 'Well, would you like to cash in on your chips?'"

"Ultimately, it will always be down to the player. When you are No 1 in the world, he will decide."

Graham Hunter on Ronaldo

Ronaldo fuelled speculation upon picking up the Ballon d'Or in January, saying "only God knows" where his future lies, despite insisting he was happy at Real Madrid.

But with the tag of 'world's best player' comes power, and Hunter says Ronaldo will have the final say on any transfer out of the Bernabeu, rather than the Los Blancos bosses.

The Spanish football expert added: "Ultimately, it will always be down to the player. When you are No 1 in the world, he will decide. 

"I don't think he has decided to leave yet."