Paul Smith and his brothers explain why they started boxing

Last Updated: 03/04/13 5:29pm

The Ringside studio welcomed Liverpool's premier boxing clan on Thursday evening.

The Smith brothers - former British super-middleweight champion Paul and his younger siblings, Stephen (featherweight), Liam (light-middleweight) and Callum (super-middleweight) - were all in the gym to talk family matters with Adam Smith and Johnny Nelson.

And the North West punchers revealed how they got into boxing, what it's like watching your brother compete and why their mum cannot stand watching them set foot into the ring...

Why the Smiths laced up the gloves

PAUL: Boxing has always been in our family; our dad had about three amateur bouts and has always liked the sport, while my dad's brother boxed and my mum's granddad boxed. Plus, we've seen pictures of us brothers reading the Boxing News when we were about five so we were always interested.

STEPHEN: Like most people, you follow your big brother around and you want to go out when he is out with his mates. He would come home and say to my dad: 'This is what we've learnt today in the gym' and I got into it from there.

LIAM: I got bullied into it! I used to like football as a kid in Saturday leagues but when I came home I was always harassed to box and after Callum started I thought I had to.

The difficulty of watching their brothers box

PAUL: Being in the corner, helping [trainer] Joe (Gallagher) out, studying fight times and trying to spot things calms me down and helps me get over the fact that that is my kid brother in the ring, as it is horrible sitting in the front row and knowing you can't do anything about it, even though you know they are capable enough on their own.

LIAM: There is nothing like it when your brothers are fighting and I get more nervous watching them than when I'm in the ring, but Stephen gets really nervous and throws shadow punches.

Why the boys' mum can't stand watching her sons fight

PAUL: The first fight she tried to watch was when I was about 14 or 15; I knocked a kid out in about 80 seconds and my mum was physically sick and in a really bad way and she hasn't been since.

CALLUM: She doesn't like watching the boxing, not even on telly. She goes out when we are fighting and (finds out about the result) through texts - and I don't think she likes the washing we bring home from the gym, either!