Jamie Moore pays tribute to Derry Mathews surprise KO win over his man, Tommy Coyle

Last Updated: 19/07/13 2:10pm

Jamie Moore's man might have been beaten by Derry Mathews, but he was still give plenty of praise from the trainer.

The Ringside guest watched his man Tommy Coyle dominate for nine rounds of the Commonwealth lightweight challenge, only to see a stunning left floor him in the 10th.

Coyle and Moore were left devastated by the defeat but less than a week on the trainer refused to put Mathews success simply down to luck.

And he also admitted that it was not as big a surprise as many though because he knew the Liverpuddlian's style inside out.

"You've got to give Derry Mathews his due because for nine rounds he was on the wrong end of a boxing lesson."

Jamie Moore

"I said before the fight, I knew Derry's vulnerabilities and we set a gameplan out to exploit them," he told Ringside.

"It nearly worked out: 99 per cent of it worked. It looked like a masterclass until Derry pulled out that punch.

"A lot of people said it was a lucky punch and as much as you can say that, he had been looking for that all night - and I had warned Tommy, warned him all night."


Matthews himself paid tribute to Coyle in his post-fight interview, admitting he was been out-classed.

He took the beaten man, known as Boom Boom, to each corner to applaud his performance and didn't even rule out a rematch immediately.

Moore is not expecting an instant return fight but he did return the compliments.

"You've got to give Derry his due because for nine rounds he was on the wrong end of a boxing lesson," he said.

"He took his lumps like an adult and like I say, he'd been trying for that shot all night and kept persistently looking for it, knowing or thinking, maybe he was going to pull it round and it paid off."