Ringside: George Groves looks ahead to his rematch with Carl Froch

Last Updated: 18/02/14 3:52pm

Groves: will meet Froch again on May 31

George Groves WILL reveal his tactics for taking out Carl Froch ahead of their highly-anticipated rematch as he believes that his rival "has nothing that can deal with what I am bringing".

Groves warned the Nottingham fighter that he will again lay down his plans ahead of the fight and come straight for his WBA and IBF world super-middleweight belts.

In the first fight, the challenger floored Froch in the opening round after promising in a pre-fight press conference to take the centre ground in the early stages and go toe-to-toe with his rival.

"I went into the last fight believing that I could do the things that I did against Carl Froch. This time I go in there knowing."

George Groves

And Groves insists he will do the same this time round and that there is no need to employ mind games to confuse or ambush Froch.

"I am not going to give too much away just yet as we have a long build-up to this fight and I am going to enjoy every moment of it," he told Ringside.

"But the main thing that we should take from day one is that I went into the last fight believing that I could do the things that I did against Carl Froch, this time I go in there knowing.

"I know. I have been there and done it. And he knows.

"So anything that he believes about the fight that is going to take place, he now knows. He has fresh memories in his head that will be flashbacks on fight night.


Groves continued: "There are fighters out there that you would try to play psychological games with.

"You might lead them down one path and then take them another way, a bit like James De Gale - I don't think he had any clue I was going to box on the back foot.

"With Carl Froch it does not matter as he has nothing that can deal with what I am bringing. He can't beat me for hand speed; he can't beat me for foot speed; I have a better defence than he does; and I know that I can hurt him.

"So with all that in mind what can he possibly do to change his game plan when I turn around to say, "I am going to do this to you"? I will do it in the gym and I will do it on fight night."

While Groves insists there will be no need for mind games to throw Froch's camp into confusion, he is looking forward to getting under Froch's skin and winding up his rival again after an acrimonious build-up to the previous fight.

He said: "Carl will honestly wind himself up, but I will happily nudge him along throughout this whole journey. And I'll enjoy every minute of it."