Ringside: Amir Khan confident he could expose Floyd Mayweather's flaws

Last Updated: 08/05/14 7:58pm

Amir Khan on Ringside

Amir Khan has not given up hope of stepping into the ring with Floyd Mayweather this year - although he believes a showdown with another top 10 welterweight contender remains more likely.

Khan claimed a unanimous decision victory over Luis Collazo last weekend as he returned to the ring for the first time in over a year.

"When you fight someone like Floyd Mayweather, you can't respect him."

The British fighter put in a convincing performance on his debut at the 147lb welterweight limit while Mayweather struggled to overcome Marcos Maidana, eventually extending his perfect record to 46-0, on the same card at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Khan is eager to take on the top-ranked welterweight, believing his speed could hurt Mayweather, but fears their differing schedules could scupper hopes of arranging a showdown between the two this year.

"Floyd wants to fight in September but I have Ramadan coming up so I want to take time off for that," Khan told Ringside. "The next fight for me will be either November or December, if Floyd moves to November or December then that fight can happen.

"I want to fight again at the end of the year. I don't want to take a long time out of the ring like I did last time. I want to fight someone in the top 10. There are a few big names out there."

Khan is seventh in the welterweight world rankings and he picked out Robert Guerrero (eighth) Maidana (sixth) and Shawn Porter (fifth) as potential opponents later in the year.

But he ruled out the possibility of facing Manny Pacquaio and the Filipino's fellow Bob Arum stablemates.

"I think Robert Guerrero could be an ideal opponent in the future, even a rematch with Marcos Maidana or Shawn Porter, who just had a great win," Khan said.

"Porter is a great fighter; he is very strong and very quick. I think with Manny Pacquiao, Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez it would be quite hard to make the fight because they are with Bob Arum.

"Alexander is another fight that could be possibly made; we were talking about getting that fight done. But yes, there are a few names there that I am looking at, which could definitely make sense."

Khan's appetite for a scrap with Mayweather has not diminished, though, and the Brit was quick to highlight a few flaws in the American's armoury that he is itching to expose.

Guns blazing

And Khan is confident that he has the speed, strength and wits to topple the champ, especially now he is reaping the rewards of his change in division and new-found dedication to his art.

"Everywhere I was walking in Vegas everyone was talking about me fighting Mayweather," Khan said. "They were saying: 'We want to see that fight' and 'you're the only one that can give him problems with that speed, movement and explosiveness'.

"I was watching the fight between him and Maidana and Maidana was getting a lot of shots in. And Maidana is a lot slower than me and his footwork is a lot slower.

"When you fight someone like Floyd Mayweather, you can't respect him. You have to go out all guns blazing. Mayweather is a great fighter but opponents are getting smarter and fighters are getting smarter.

"I think what Floyd Mayweather needs is someone who is not going to stand in front of him with slow feet and slow hands, and that is me. I don't have slow feet or slow hands.

"He is an amazing fighter and the best fighter out there. And to even have your name pulled up by people to fight him next is an achievement on its own."


Khan continued: "Floyd is an amazing fighter and the only people who can give him problems are good boxers, who can move their feet well and who can make opponents miss.

"Floyd is not as quick as he used to be but he is still a great fighter. He times his shots well. If you have your good footwork you can get away from shots and you will cause him a lot of problems."

"I know what mistakes I was making before and the weight-making was one of those mistakes. I should have moved up a long time ago.

"Plus I am taking boxing a lot more seriously now. I have a great team. I am using Al Haymon as my advisor now and things are going really well with Golden Boy as well. It is now all about keeping working hard, getting the right fights and getting the wins."