Sir Gordon Tietjens speaks to the Rugby Club about the phenomenal success of the New Zealand Sevens team

Last Updated: 08/05/14 8:08pm

The All Blacks have dominated the World Sevens Series since its inception in 1999. In those 15 years they have won the title 11 times with only Fiji in 2006, South Africa in 2009 and Samoa in 2010 denying them a clean sweep.

This weekend they travel to Twickenham with one hand already on their 12 title after winning in Glasgow. With a 19 point lead over second place South Africa, New Zealand would have to be knocked-out at the pool stage and then fail to win the Shield final to let that 12th title slip.

However Gordon Tietjens, the man behind the All Blacks Sevens success is not taking anything for granted.

"Winning in Scotland has put us in a really good position," said Tietjens on The Rugby Club.

"We need to secure three points [at Twickenham] to win the World Series but it is not over until it's over. We have taken a good attitude to our training this week and we would love to finish the series by winning at Twickenham."

Culture club

Tietjens believes that the secret to their success has been the quality of his players and the culture in which they play in as well as consistency.

"Well I have had some wonderful players which has been key. We also have a fantastic culture. It is all about working for each other, training for each other and we do - we work really hard.

"That culture starts when you start selecting your side which is really crucial and what you select on. I am firm believer in character. In Sevens you have to work particularly hard, you have to be self-motivated and have a strong work ethic.

"There is no hiding in Sevens. If you select the right players who are prepared to die for you and who have the passion for the jersey then you are on to something.

"We have a contracted group of 16 players in New Zealand so it's about consistency too - our worst finish this year has been fourth - outside of that we have been in every single final and we have gone to win four out of the eight so far which has put us where we are.

Man at the top

Former England Sevens coach Mike Friday said that a lot of New Zealand's success is down to Tietjens and that his is legendary.

"Gordon spoke about culture but that culture is led by the man at the top," said Friday.

"Gordon is relentless both on and off the pitch - we could share loads of stories about how Gordon goes about his business and his expectations. They are folklore on the circuit on what is required to be a successful rugby player.

"He has helped so many players to become successful players and use Sevens in some instances to move on to greater international honours.

"The culture is utilised by the players but that has come from the top and Gordon has done a fantastic job."

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