Last Updated: 14/10/14 4:34pm


Name: Rocket.

Job title: Assistant Producer/TV Presenter.

What does that entail: Turning up on a Saturday morning and attempting a Geordie accent.

Years of service: 16 years, man and boy.

Twitter account @Rocketsocceram

I support… Man United. Or whoever’s winning.

Favourite footballer (past or present): Dare to Zlatan.

Favourite non-footballing sportsperson: The aerobics instructor from the ‘Call On Me’ video, or Mo Farah.

Favourite song: Elton John sings a song that’s very close to my heart.

Favourite album: Fugees – The Score.

Favourite food: Shepherd’s pie.

Favourite drink: Robinsons Orange and Mango squash.

Hope for the season…That I get some free shepherd’s pie and squash.


Quickest: Guilty!

Slowest: Tubes. Or do you mean at running?

First to work: Lavers – three big steps and he’s there.

Last to work: Trev - I hardly ever see him in the mornings these days.

Biggest joker: Max – he’s always saying he’s good enough to play top flight. Great banter!

Best singer: Helen – it’s all about technique and she’s got great breathes!

Best haircut: Glitter boy Stu. Although I’ve not actually seen his hair because it’s always under that silly hat with the ear flaps.

Worst haircut: Dev! He should just let it grow.

Worst singer: Max – he’s the only one that sings in office.

And finally... who's the longest in the supermarket? Tubes, because he also works on the trollies part time.