Last Updated: 14/10/14 4:33pm

Chelsea fan

Name Tubes

Job title Assistant producer

What does that entail? Help producing the show 

Years of service had my testimonial 2 years ago 

Twitter account... @Tubessocceram

I support... Chelsea

Favourite footballer (past or present) Gianfranco Zola 

Favourite non-footballing sportsperson Rory McIlroy 

Favourite song Level up by Sway, great acting performance from the young man in the music video 

Favourite album Definitely Maybe

Favourite food Thai and Chinese

Favourite drink Water

Hope for the season… That Chelsea dominate the world of football


Quickest Dave, he’s rapid 

Slowest Me, I’m carrying a bit 

First to work The gaffer 

Last to work Dev, the traffic's always bad apparently 

Biggest joker Jack Nicholson 

Best singer Helen, she gives me goose bumps 

Best haircut Not Mine #slaphead

Worst haircut Rocket #nohair

Worst singer Bobbie... Just Bobbie 

And finally... who's the longest in the supermarket? Adam Smith / Franky Fryer takes ages to do anything! He’s weekly shop, must literally take a week