Last Updated: 19/08/14 11:05am

Helen: you'll find her on the sofa

Name Hells Bells

Job title Sofa Loafer

What does that entail Loafing on a sofa.

Years of service 19.

Twitter account @hellsbellsy

I support The Pride of Devon.... hmmmm... I don't even convince myself of that, actually. Torquay United.

Favourite player (past or present): Eric Cantona.

Favourite non-football sportsperson: Phil 'The Power' Taylor.

Favourite song: Reef - Place Your Hands.

Favourite album: Madness - Total Madness: The Very Best of Madness.

Favourite food: Mash with loads of butter.

Favourite drink: Strawberry milk.

Hope for the season… I gave up hoping for anything years ago.


Quickest: Adam Smith when he's being Franky Fryer.

Slowest: If you changed 'slow' to 'casual'... Dev.

First to work: Dunno.

Last to work: Me.

Biggest joker: Adam.

Best singer: Not Max.

Worst singer: Max.

Best haircut: Bobbi always looks slick.

Worst haircut: Stu, but I like it.

And finally... who's the longest in the supermarket? I've only ever been to a supermarket with Max for a couple of minutes, so, errr, Max.