Last Updated: 14/10/14 4:36pm


Name Stu

Job title Editorial Assistant

What does that entail? Showboat, League 1,2  & Championship, Basingstoke and #Baller

Years of service 2

Twitter account... @stusocceram

I support... Brentford

Favourite footballer (past or present) Robert Taylor/Darren Powell

Favourite non-footballing sportsperson Sue Barker

Favourite song Hey Jude

Favourite album The Who live at Leeds

Favourite food Mussels

Favourite drink Kronenburg

Hope for the season…Hope Akpan with Hope Powell in second place and Hallam Hope third


Quickest Bobbie’s feet move too quick for his body at times

Slowest Me

First to work Lavers

Last to work Jamie?

Biggest joker Rocket

Best singer Franky Fryer  

Best haircut Me

Worst haircut Jamie came back from holiday with highlights

Worst singer Bobbie loves a high note

And finally... who's the longest in the supermarket? Work ex on a props run.