Grin, lose or draw

Lincoln's a tough place to go, says Watson

Last Updated: 08/03/09 8:54am

Watson: Bristol City fan

A football match can be a bit like a comedy gig - as most of the Tottenham fans in the Soccer AM office will tell you.

"You'd think Lincoln v Mark Watson would be an attractive game for the neutrals, but it wasn't one for the purists."

Mark Watson

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But for Mark Watson, going on a stand-up comedy tour can be a bit like playing out a full football season complete with highs and lows, wins and defeats.

The funnyman, who recently hosted the NME Awards, joined Max and Helen on the orange sofas to discuss his current tour and revealed how he likes to approach his shows like a professional footballer.

"I do like to think of every gig as a football match," he said.

"Last night was a 2-0 win, but the night before in Norwich was 1-1. I was one down at the interval but managed to claw it back.

"But I never take my foot off the gas. If I'm 2-0 up at the interval I go into the dressing room and look at myself and say I want four or five. If the show's a real success you can hear me come out for the start of the second half muttering: 'We want six!'

"My worst result was at Lincoln, that's a hard place to go. I just couldn't get the ball down and play my football - or more accurately they were just awful people.

"A lot of them were nice, but as with hooligans, there were a couple of people that just spoiled the game for everybody.

"I got a 0-0, but it wasn't a game to write home about. You'd think Lincoln v Mark Watson would be an attractive game for the neutrals, but it wasn't one for the purists."


When he's not touring around the country, Mark can be seen on the terraces at Bristol City, who reached the Championship play-offs last season but were denied a place in the Premier League by Hull City.

And Mark admits he has been consumed by jealousy watching the Tigers playing in the top flight this year.

He said: "The worst thing was when we lost to Hull everybody said they would be straight back down.

"But unless I imagined it they beat Arsenal and as the winter wore on everybody was saying this was wonderful, a footballing fairytale.

"But for us it was just a series of kicks in the face.

"In all seriousness though, I'm quite happy Hull are doing so well because it makes you believe a team like us could get in the Premier League."

His pain might be eased this summer because Bristol City are in the mix for the play-offs again this season.

But Mark is wary of the rising expectations at Ashton Gate.

He continued: "We had no right to even be in the play-off final, but once you are there you think it would be nice to be in the Premier League.

"Expectations have risen and that's what fans are like. When we went up to the Championship, it was after seven or eight years of waiting and everybody said it was wonderful.

"Then as soon as you go down in the first game of the season: Boooooo!

"Last year we were fifth in the table, unbeaten in 10 games and went a goal down.

"The guy behind me said: 'This club's not going anywhere'.

"That's fans for you. We've got a few fans who don't understand why we're not always in the Champions League."