The clothes show

Max dons a space suit and Dave gets a black eye...

Last Updated: 08/11/12 5:31pm

Who says Soccer AM isn't educational?

"Some of them were worse than Stu's."

The Soccer AM crew on Chris Kamara's clothes

Quotes of the week

This week Tubes has been to visit Ashley Williams at Swansea to brush up on his Spanish skills after we found out the Welsh international had learnt the language to help new team-mates to settle in. You can find out on Saturday how he got on.

Franky Fryer has also been swatting up on all there is to do in Sunderland for visiting fans, which you'll be able to see in a few weeks' time. If you know of any places you think we should be going, then let us know.

Away from the office, the crew have been getting a little historical with Ash and Max getting dressed up for Dave's 60s style party on Saturday. Max was the proud winner of 'Best Dressed' on the journey up on the tube after wearing his Neil Armstrong space suit.

As well as his costume, though, Dave was also sporting a black eye which he picked up during his side's 4-2 win earlier in the day. The Andy Carroll impersonator sustained it going up for a challenge and head-butting his opponent, leaving him with the shiner!

However, Ash's costume on Saturday didn't match some of the outfits in Chris Kamara's wardrobe which we caught a glimpse of in the Sky Sports studios last Saturday. Some of them were worse than Stu's! Although Stu disagreed, despite the crew member wearing a blue velvet jacket to the Christmas party!

Stu's hair was also a subject of discussion when it was noticed in the news this week that his style icon, Bradley Wiggins, had lost his famous sideburns - and Stu was immediately quizzed as to whether he'd be willing to lose his on the show.

However, despite the bribes of money, we were unable to get him to agree.


We were all interested in the celebrities taking part in this year's 'I'm a Celebrity' including David Haye, who has been on the orange sofas many times.

Discussion quickly turned to whether or not we'd be willing to risk it in the jungle. "I think I would be up for doing it," declared Rocket, although Tubes was less keen on potentially eating wichedy grubs!

"If you did it, we could feature you in it on the show every week!" said Dave. We're not sure an I'm a Celebrity-based feature would work on the show every week, though? We'll be watching with intrigue and, who knows, you could be seeing Rocket in a future series?

The crew were all impressed with Luis Suarez's stunning strike against Newcastle on Sunday and it got us wondering about how easy it would be to recreate it. "We should get Le Tiss to try and score it," mentioned Tubes.

Ash was confident that Tubes would be able to take on the challenge himself but despite being one of the office's best players, we think it may take a few more attempts that it took the Uruguayan at the weekend!

Franky was also enjoying a spectacle of his own on Monday when he went along to support Andy Murray as he beat Thomas Berdych at the 02 Arena. The avid tennis fan enjoyed a great day out and hopes to make it along to the arena again before the end of the tournament - if he can find anyone with tickets.

It was a quieter weekend for James, who, without a football match due to postponement, thought he'd spend the afternoon watching a film, however, it didn't go to plan. He sat down to watch Project X which he'd borrowed from Bobbie, but one minute into the film he suffered a power cut!

We'll see you on Saturday,