Seamus Coleman explains to Soccer AM why he loves football

Last Updated: 17/03/13 9:41am

Coleman: fan of Keane

Everton star Seamus Coleman was this week's guest on I Love Football, where footballers confide in Soccer AM their personal history in the game.

EARLIEST FOOTBALLING MEMORY: I remember my Dad taking me training when I was younger. He was always driving me everywhere. Without him taking me everywhere, I wouldn't have got as far as I did.

FOOTBALLING HERO: Roy Keane. I think for a lot of young Irish lads, when we were growing up he was the most successful player. He was a hard man and a great player and my favourite growing up.

FAVOURITE GROUND: Landsdowne Road. It was where Ireland played all their matches when I was younger. I remember going to a testimonial match there with my Dad and thinking how amazing it would be to play. It's probably my favourite ground.

GREATEST GAME I WATCHED: The World Cup when Robbie Keane scored the last-minute goal against Germany to equalise. I remember watching it with all my friends. I think I was 11 at the time. That's one of my favourite memories of Ireland.

YOU WOULDN'T KNOW I USED TO...: Play Gaelic football until I was 18. It's an Irish sport and I played from the age of four. I was a late starter at soccer. Thankfully I made the decision to give it a go, otherwise I wouldn't be where I am.

IF I DIDN'T HAVE FOOTBALL GROWING UP I WOULD...: I would probably have joined the army because my brother is in the army and I'd have followed him. It was something I was interested in but luckily the break came along in football and I got to live my dream.

IF I COULD CHANGE ANYTHING I WOULD...: Video technology. I think there are a lot of decisions clearly over the line. It's very frustration and for managers, sometimes they don't stay in a job because of it.

I LOVE FOOTBALL BECAUSE...: Growing up, it was all I ever wanted to do so I'm very luckily that every Saturday or Sunday I get to play in the top stadiums around the country.