Hot under the collar

Stu, Curly and Chris enjoy memorable weeks

Last Updated: 21/03/13 2:43pm

Flack: made Stu happy this week

We're very lucky in our jobs that we get to meet a lot of famous people from the world of sport and entertainment, but we'd all love to meet our celebrity crushes.

"I was sat right behind her. She looked stunning!"

Stu on Caroline Flack

Quotes of the week

We rarely get to do that but Stu's dreams came true this week when he met Caroline Flack - though things could have gone a little smoother!

He was quite excited when he was invited to a recording of online show The Fox Problem by a friend who said Caroline would be attending.

"I had no idea it was going to happen but alarm bells started ringing when I was introduced to the floor manager just before the show and I was sat right behind her. She looked stunning!" he said.

Things got even more embarrassing for the newest member of the team when his crush was mentioned on the show. We don't think this blog will be able to do justice to the awkwardness of the situation so you should probably watch the clip by going to 9:30 on the video here.

However, Stu was able to see the funny side of it and was even able to buy Caroline a drink. Keep an eye out for Stu and Caroline in a copy of Heat magazine soon!

Stu's celebrity stalking continued on Sunday when he went to This Feeling to see The Rifles, Dexters and Carl Barat. He found himself standing behind Big Brother's Nikki Grahame in the cloakroom. "She looked like she'd had a good night!" Stu said. He gets to meet all the big names.


The crew took part in a Sky Sports charity quiz this week in aid of Smile with Siddy - a very worthy cause which you can find out more about by clicking here. A team made up of Adam, Ash, Dave, Lisa and Scott gave their best effort but ended up coming fourth bottom.

We may not have won but Ash did come away with a signed Noel Gallagher LP after bidding £155 for it in the auction - though he now can't afford to do much else this month! "It's a great album but I'm never going to play it which is lucky as I don't actually own a record player!" said our Oz football expert.

It's also been a successful week for Curly, who won a trophy for his football team Manuden on Wednesday night as they comfortably beat Silver Swifts 4-0 at the mighty Bishops Stortford Ground in front of a crowd of 200.

They celebrated until the early hours with a curry at team sponsors 'The Mint Leaf' which Curly highly recommends! He hobbled into the office on Thursday morning with a bad back after a clash in the first half, but says it was worth it!

One crew member who isn't feeling so great is Dev who left our meeting early after complaining about feeling sick. We don't want to blame anyone but Goldie did bring in some of his 'Cliffy's Chicken' for our Balotelli impersonator on Saturday so it is a little suspicious that he went down with illness a few days later.

A few of the crew made the most of St. Patricks Day with Chris enjoying it with his Dad on his 64th birthday. "The bar was open all day and it was full of river dancing girls and a live band. Perfect!' said Chris.

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