Ashley Cole tells us about his England team-mates

Last Updated: 23/03/13 5:46pm

Chelsea and England left-back Ashley Cole lifts the lid on his Three Lions team-mates for Soccer AM...

BEST TRAINER - Steven Gerrard. He's always working hard and he trains like he plays the game, he puts in strong tackles and he's a force to be reckoned with in training as well.

WORST TRAINER - He's going to kill me because he's so big, but Andy Carroll. I'm not going to say the reasons because he's going to kill me!

QUICKEST - There's a few. Daniel Sturridge is up there, Gerrard is up there as well but I'll go for Sturridge.

SLOWEST - Gary Cahill. I hope he's going to see this as well!

MOST SKILFUL - Ox has got a bit. He's got a few skills.

MOST VAIN - That's Joe Hart - only because he's always doing his hair and putting his special creams on his face.

WORST DRESS SENSE - Joe Hart. His trousers are swinging sometimes. Although I don't know if you blame the tailor or him!

WORST TASTE IN MUSIC - Wayne Rooney. I sit next to him on the coach and sometimes I hear what's coming out of his earphones and it's not good.

BEST DANCER - Defoe's a bit of a mover. I think he used to dance when he was younger. I'll go with him or Sturridge.

WORST DANCER - Me. These ankles are like glass, can't move.

AND...WHO'S THE LONGESTE IN THE SHOWER? Defoe. He likes to wash his hair.