Michael Gray exposes his team-mates' quirks on Soccer AM

Last Updated: 13/04/13 4:09pm

Former Sunderland and England full-back Michael Gray dished the dirt on Soccer AM this week.

The 38-year-old is a hero to most Sunderland fans where his left foot dazzled during 363 league appearances for 12 years from 1992.

He also featured for England three times in 1999 with Celtic, Blackburn, Leeds, Wolves, Sheffield Wednesday also on his CV. But who were the characters that stood out during his lively career?

BEST TRAINER - Kevin Phillips. He was a very good trainer. He didn't just finish when everybody else did, he did an extra half an hour and you'd also find him in the gym. That's probably why he's still playing now.

WORST TRAINER - 100% Nick Summerbee. He was the laziest man I've ever seen in football. We used to have a 5-a-side competition about two to three times a week. He never moved a yard away from the goal he was scoring in. He'd score six to seven goals every Friday and thought he was the best trainer every single week. He was hopeless.

WORST DRESS SENSE - Niall Quinn. I never saw him in a pair of trousers that fitted properly. We were in the dressing room for seven-and-a-half years and they were the worst clothes I ever saw on a professional football player.

WORST DANCER - Quinny again! We had this song at Roker Park called 'Niall Quinn's disco pants'! We all jumped on the bandwagon with that one. When we did have a night out after winning a game and all the lads went out together, if we went anywhere near a dance floor we were very quick to drag him off.

LEAST INTELLIGENT - Michael Bridges. He wasn't the cleverest boy in the class. He got a bit of stick for being thick!

MOST INTELLIGENT - Quinny again! I've got to say him. He was the clever one. When it came to negotiating bonuses after promotion he was the man to send upstairs to have a word with the chairman - he never let us down.

WORST TASTE IN MUSIC - Everybody has music pumping in the dressing room but we weren't allowed. Our boss Peter Reid used to bring his own music in like Van Morrison. So I'll probably say the the gaffer!

AND WHO WAS THE LONGEST IN THE SHOWER? - We had a French goalkeeper called Lionel Perez. He took ages!