Frank Leboeuf on titles, Chelsea and acting

Last Updated: 03/05/13 4:05pm

Frank Leboeuf says winning titles, not finishing in the top four, is what matters to players.

The former Chelsea defender won the biggest title of all when he and his France team-mates defeated Brazil in the World Cup final in 1998.

"When you finish your career what you have are the titles."

Frank Leboeuf

And he says the current Blues squad, despite pressure from the club to finish in the financially rewarding Champions League qualifying spots, will be fully focussed on adding a Europa League winners' medal to their collection.

"[Titles] are the only things that count," the Blues defender, who played for the Stamford Bridge outfit between 1996-2001, told Soccer AM.

"When you finish your career what you have are the titles. If you played 15 years and you didn't have the chance to win a title you can have some regrets.

"From a club's point of view it's another thing, qualifying for the Champions League is maybe more important than winning the Europa League because of finances.

"So it's a little bit tricky - what would be the goal of the club and what would have been the goal of the players?

"Last year we said it was a bad season for Chelsea and suddenly they won the double," he said, referring to the Blues' Champions League and FA Cup triumphs.

"This year we can say it's a bad season but if they win the Europa League they will say it's a good season.

"The most important thing is what you have at the end of your career and as a club what you have at the end of the season, so if they get another title we can say it's another good season."


However, Leboeuf concedes Chelsea have perhaps not hit the heights they'd hoped to achieve this season, with their exit from the Champions League and their struggles to seal a top four spot frustrating fans.

"We thought because of the three musketeers - Juan Mata, Eden Hazard and Oscar - everything would be better and more attractive and it's true, it's more interesting to watch Chelsea [this season]," he said.

"But I always said at the beginning of the season their main problem would be in the link between the attack and the defence. Frank Lampard did well at the beginning of the season, because he made sure they stuck together, but he didn't play as often after that and we lost the link."


After hanging up his boots at Al Wakrah in Qatar in 2005, Leboeuf has gone on to pursue a career in acting. He's enjoying the different challenge dramatics brings but says there are similarities between football and acting.

"I wanted to go into acting so straight after retiring I went to Los Angeles to learn the acting process," he said.

"Since then, like any actor, I've tried to find some jobs. I did four movies in the States, one in Indonesia and in October I'm doing a play in France.

"Some people try to find a relation between acting on the stage and football, which isn't the same. But sometimes a sentence can be sent like a good pass to make sure the other sentence from the partner makes everyone laugh.

"It's like making a good pass for someone to score!"

And he says another former France international, Eric Cantona, is putting in a string of impressive performances as an actor these days.

"He is a good actor," said Leboeuf. "When he played in the beginning I wasn't impressed but since then he has become a great actor. I love him."