Mike Skinner told Soccer AM he wishes he was born in Germany

Last Updated: 25/05/13 5:01pm

Skinner (L) wishes he was German

British musician Mike Skinner is a proud Brummie - but he told Soccer AM that he wishes he was German.

The 34-year-old, best known for fronting rap project The Streets, took his place on the orange sofas ahead of the all-Bundesliga Champions League final at Wembley.

And he revealed his admiration for the country that produced footballing legends Lothar Matthaus, Franz Beckenbauer, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Oliver Kahn - and electronic band Kraftwerk.

"I think being German would make me a bit more organised and efficient."

Mike Skinner

"I tend to get a bit depressed so I do want to be German because they are so financially stable," said Skinner, who has now teamed up with Rob Harvey to form The D.O.T.

"We don't make anything over here but they make a lot and export stuff, while I think being German would make me a bit more organised and efficient.

"Plus, Germans have a good sense of humour, which I think I lot of British people aren't aware of."

Over the moon

Skinner's band-mate Harvey was in the studio, too, and refused to reveal what the initials D.O.T. stand for, despite suggestions from the Soccer AM crew of Dangerous Owl Trading, Department of Transport, and Don't Open This.

However, the Yorkshireman did talk about his support of Arsenal, who secured a spot in next term's Champions League - at the expense of north London rivals Tottenham - by beating Newcastle on the final day of the Premier league season.

"I get a lot of stick for supporting Arsenal because I'm from Leeds and my only connection to the club is my granddad who, I think, is from Islington - but Ian Wright was my player," said Harvey.

"I'm over the moon we finished fourth - and gutted for Spurs! - and I think it is massive because if we'd have finished fifth I think there would have been a lot of questions asked about [Arsene] Wenger's future."