Samuel Eto'o tells Soccer AM what he loves about the beautiful game

Last Updated: 22/10/13 10:40am

Soccer AM caught up with new Chelsea signing Samuel Eto'o this week to find out what the striker loves about the beautiful game.

Here's what the former Barcelona and Inter Milan star had to say...

EARLIEST MEMORIES OF FOOTBALL: I was living in a very poor district and I was playing in the street with anything I could find.

FOOTBALL FANS ARE GREAT BECAUSE...: It is wonderful when they enjoy it, you can see they are really happy. It is a feeling you can't describe, you can feel it but you can't describe it. But I see other people who pay a lot of money to watch the game but they are sad. Not because they are losing, but because they don't enjoy it.

IF I DIDN'T HAVE FOOTBALL GROWING UP I WOULD...: I hoped to be a lawyer. It was just a dream that I had. You wouldn't know the district where I am from, it is called New Bell. It's like the Bronx in the USA. You have to be a really good lawyer to make it!

THE GREATEST GAME I EVER WATCHED: It was Cameroon v Zambia at the Stadium of Reunification in Douala. I went with my parents and we arrived at the stadium at 9am even though the match didn't kick off until 3.30pm. The stadium was so full. You couldn't even get in a fly! It was so wonderful, so incredible. Roger Milla arrived on Tuesday or Wednesday, he said he would score two goals and he did. It was incredible, even though Cameroon were losing.

IF I COULD CHANGE ANYTHING I WOULD...: I wouldn't change anything in my life.

MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT MATCHDAY IS...: My music. I always listen to the same music before a match. You wouldn't know who the singer is but to me he is the best singer in the world, Koffi Olomide.

THE FUTURE OF FOOTBALL IS...: Africa, because it is a continent that is not developed, it is a continent full of talent. If you look at all the biggest European clubs, they have more and more African players.

MY FAVOURITE PIECE OF MEMORABILIA IS...: I think it is a pair of socks that Roger Milla gave to me after training with the Lions in Douala. He didn't give it to me, but threw them in the crowd and my father caught them. When I attended the Ballon d'Or ceremony he was in the room and I told him "do you remember this?" and of course he didn't. I told him "this was the beginning of my dream, this pair of socks" and he said he couldn't believe it.

I LOVE FOOTBALL BECAUSE...: Because it is my life.