Michael Duberry tells Soccer AM he wants limit on foreign imports

Last Updated: 22/10/13 10:38am

Limiting the number of young foreign players will help boost the English game, Michael Duberry told Soccer AM.

The Football Association has recently stated that helping to reignite the fortunes of the national team is a top priority, particularly on the back of statistics showing that the pool of English players in the Premier League has slumped from 48% to 32% in 14 years.

There is a growing call for urgent action and Duberry, who recently retired from playing, said: "You can't doing anything at senior level but at youth level there should be a maximum of players imported from abroad.

"Even players at 17 just can't get into the top teams. They should cap that limit which would mean English players get an education which should really help the players by around 2022.

"They do it in Spain and Germany in their main leagues and we don't do that. If we started to do that at the level below at the foundations then you just start that cycle.

"But ultimately, there are not enough English players coming through. It is a worry."

Duberry began his career with a six-year spell at Chelsea and after failing to recover from a serious neck operation, the 38-year-old centre-half is now looking for new goals as a TV presenter back at Stamford Bridge.

Having enjoyed watching England survive the recent World Cup qualifiers, Duberry is in buoyant mood about Roy Hodgson's team and their chances in Brazil next year.

"England have got a good blend," Duberry added. "They've got youngsters coming through and the senior players seem to have a got hunger and desire. It's a great mix.

"Phil Jagielka and Gary Cahill are doing well at centre-half. I watch a lot of Chelsea games and I've been impressed with Cahill and the more they play together, it will only get better for England.

"Rio Ferdinand and John Terry were world class but these two are top players and come the stage of the World Cup we'll see just how good they are."

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