Gerard Pique gives lowdown on Barcelona team-mates for Soccer AM

Last Updated: 17/11/13 2:56pm

Here at Soccer AM we all have our perceptions who's the coolest, who has the best taste in music and who's the funniest in the dressing room.

But what about the boys from the Nou Camp?

So hit the video above and read below for Pique's lowdown on the most skilful and funniest and much, much more..........

Best Trainer: Carles Puyol. He trains like he plays in the game - he's always fighting and tackling for every ball. It's amazing because sometimes you go a bit slower in training - not Puyol.

Quickest: It's Christian Tello. When you throw the ball and he starts to run, it's impossible to catch him.

Slowest: That's Cesc Fabregas. He's a naturally incredible player and he's got great technique, but when he has to run ...he just can't run!

Most Skilful: Has to be Isaac Cuenca. He's injured at the moment but he loves tricks. He played tournaments when he was younger and he just really likes to do them.

Hardest Shot: Maybe Dani Alves. He likes to strike the ball from far away - same as Lionel Messi.

Worst Taste in Music: Alves. It's absolutely horrible and we have to hear it because he really likes to have his itunes on. It's horrible!

Biggest joker: Jose Manuel Pinto , Alves and Xavi. Xavi's not the loudest but he has some really good jokes.

Best mates at club: Puyol and Fabregas. I have known Cesc since since I was 11/12 and he's a really good friend like a brother - Puyol is the same.

And who's the Longest in the Shower: Pinto - he has really long hair and needs a good treatment for his hair. He can spend half an hour in the shower!