Michael Dawson gives lowdown on his Tottenham team-mates for Soccer AM

Last Updated: 07/12/13 3:50pm

Michael Dawson: Insider's view

Here at Soccer AM we all have our perceptions who's the coolest, who has the best taste in music and who's the funniest in the dressing room.

But what about the boys from the White Hart Lane?

So hit the video above and read below for Dawson's lowdown on the most skilful and funniest and much, much more..........

Most Skilful: We have some really tricky players. Christian Eriksen can pick the ball and go past someone. So can Dembele, and Ade [Adebayor] has got great feet so we have one or two. To name one, I am struggling.

Quickest: We have some rapid players; Kyle Walker and Aaron Lennon. I would like to see a race between them. Over 10 yards Lenny, over 50 yards Walks. But last time on this Walks said that I was the slowest.

Future Manager: Definitely Brad Friedel. He is older than the manager [Andre Villas-Boas]. He just loves chatting and talking about football. He is definitely a future manager.

Best mate at the club: All of them. They are a great group of boys. For me to be captain of a foobtall club with a group of boys like we have is a massive honour.

Hardman: Only one man, Sandro. He is crazy. I'm sure every answer after this will be Sandro because he is a legend.

Biggest joker: You think I am going to say Sandro again but I am gonig to give it to Kyle Walker. After seeing the Halloween footage that was brilliant. I'm so glad they did not get me.

Best dancer:Probably one or two fancy themselves as the best dancer and I am going to go with Emmanuel Adebayor. He can pull some moves.

And who's the Longest in the Shower: There are some big boys. Aaron Lennon.

Michael Dawson was speaking at the launch of the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Black toothbrush.