Steven Caldwell says Major League Soccer is improving all the time

Last Updated: 06/01/14 11:22am

Steven Caldwell told Soccer AM that he is loving life in Major League Soccer.

The former Newcastle, Sunderland, Wigan, Burnley and Birmingham defender signed for Canadian franchise Toronto FC in 2013 and was voted Player of the Season by supporters group Red Patch Boys, as well as club website Waking the Red.

Caldwell - who was presented with his Soccer AM hat-trick ball by Helen and Max prior to his chat - says he is enjoying visiting various locations across North America, and noted the talent of the footballers who are plying their trade on the other side of the Atlantic.

The 33-year-old expects the MLS to go from strength to strength over the next few seasons and thinks Toronto, who finished 17th out of 19 teams this season, can become big players.

"If we can get things right on the pitch, it will be a fabulous place to be playing."

Steven Caldwell on the MLS

"I'm really enjoying the experience and going to different cities and I have been impressed with the quality in the league, too," said Caldwell.

"Improvements are being made, things are building all the time and the number of teams is increasing, so it's a very exciting time to be part of that process.

"It's not THE sport in North America but it's a popular sport - especially in multicultural Toronto - and if we can get things right on the pitch, it will be a fabulous place to be playing.


"I enjoyed my time playing football in England and I might be back here someday, but I like to move forward - and I didn't miss things seeing the bobbly pitch when Wigan played Birmingham on Boxing Day!"

The Major League Soccer campaign ended in early December and the 2014 season does not commence until March, giving Caldwell the chance to sample a few festive treats.

The Scotland international - who made the last of his 12 appearances for his country in 2011, against Northern Ireland - knocked back some alcohol, but says he steered well clear of the kitchen.

"It was unusual to be able to go home, enjoy the full day and not have to worry about training," added the centre-back, whose brother, Gary, currently plays for Wigan.

"I had a couple of champagnes and some wine with my family in Stirling which was nice. My mum cooked the dinner and got a bit of help from a few people - but not me!"

To hear more from Steven, including how he travels around North America and why he would like to become a film producer, hit the video above.