Peter Serafinowicz tells Soccer AM about his voice-over skills

Last Updated: 14/03/14 12:32pm

Peter Serafinowicz told Soccer AM he is the English Pele!

The actor and comedian is best known for his role in Shaun of the Dead and his TV series The Peter Serafinowicz show.

"I contacted the makers of Dark Souls II and after four months of me pestering them they finally gave in"

Peter Serafinowicz

However, he told Helen and Max he has an even better claim to fame!

Serafinowicz does one of the voice-overs in new computer game Dark Souls II, but revealed on the show an earlier role involving Brazil legend Pele...

"There was a football-related voice-over I did once," he said.

"About 15 years ago, Pele, who was a footballer in the 1970s, did this advert.

"However, he's got a very thick accent and although he'd done the advert you couldn't really understand what he was saying because he was speaking English and it's not his first language.

"So they asked me to come in and re-voice some bits of him. So I had to impersonate him and make some bits slightly clearer.

"So I'm like the English Pele!"

Check out the video above to hear Peter Serafinowicz's Pele impersonation.

Voicing parts in action role-playing game Dark Souls II is a labour of love for Serafinowicz.

The Liverpool-born comic was a big fan of the first instalment and convinced the producers to let him work on the follow-up.

"If I discover something I like and think is really great I like to tell people about it," he said.

"I started playing the first game and I was like 'this is the best game ever' and on my Twitter I was just banging on about it.

"I contacted them and said I'd love to be part of the game and after four months of me pestering them they finally gave in!"